Trio of Blue Starry Night beads.

Frequently Asked Questions

What would I do with a memorial bead or heart?
You might wear your memorial glass as a pendant, hang it as an ornament, display it as a personal art object, or simply keep it in your pocket and hold it, as a comfort-stone. I offer beads alone, with the option of adding sterling silver wirework to the bead, for clients wanting a ready-to-wear pendant.

What do the ashes look like in the bead?
Ashes look like little white dots in the bead – they’re easy to see in the Galaxy Swirl and Nebula designs, as well as the new version of the Starry Night design. Most of my clients want to see the ashes, so I make an effort to incorporate the ashes into the design, swirling and spiraling them with the other elements. If you *don’t* want to be able to see the ashes, we can work with that – we can put them in the core of the bead, and cover them up with layers, or simply use an opaque glass, which will completely obscure the ashes.

What will my bead look like?
My goal is to create a bead that you love. Due to the characteristics of glass, and because each bead is made by hand, your bead will be completely unique, even though coloring, shape, and design may be similar to my other beads.

I encourage you to decide if you’d like to be able to see the ashes or not – then, I would have you choose your favorite color, or the color that most represents your beloved to you. I offer simple one-color beads, as well as different designs from which to choose, in a variety of color choices.

Before I return your memorial art glass to you, I will send you a photo, so that you know what to expect.

How long does the process take?
Depending on the number of clients I’m working with, about 4 to 6 weeks once I receive the ashes.

Do you make beads for bracelets?
No, I don’t. I recommend wearing a memorial art glass bead as a pendant or necklace. Properly annealed glass beads *are* quite durable and suitable for bracelets, however, bracelets are subject to wear and tear…not ideal conditions for precious memorial beads.

How do you treat the ashes?
I treat your beloved’s remains with absolute honor and complete respect for the loving relationship you have. I work only with one set of ashes at a time, so there is no chance of getting orders mixed up. Before beginning a piece of memorial glass, I center myself, focus completely on the present, and I send out good thoughts to your beloved, letting them know I am working on a bead or heart for you, and asking for their help, if they’re so inclined.

How do we begin?
You contact me and let me know what you want, and I begin your order. Depending on how many items you’re ordering, I’ll need at least one teaspoon of ashes, labeled and securely double-bagged. (A quart-sized zip seal bag is perfect for this.) The vast majority of the ashes will be returned to you with your finished beads or hearts. A (digital) photo and/or a little information about your loved one helps, but is not absolutely necessary.

What happens if my bead is lost or damaged?
You’ll need to keep a small amount of the ashes in a safe place in order for me to make you a replacement bead or heart.

What is your price range?
Simple one-color memorial beads are $95, heart pendants and small fancy beads are $135, medium fancy beads and heart beads are $155, large memorial beads are $175, floral memorial beads are $225-250, while massive memorial beads begin at $375.

How do you handle payment?
I accept Paypal, Square, and credit card payments. Credit card payments are processed through Square – you do not need a Square account in order to use your credit card. In select circumstances, I am able to accept a personal check. (Please understand that finished work will not be returned until funds clear.)

How do you handle shipping?
USPS regulations require that cremated remains be labeled as such, and shipped via Priority Express. Priority Express service is the fastest, most secure delivery method for your memorial pieces. My shipping rates reflect the cost of this service.