Pink tulips over pale emerald green floral memorial bead, with sterling silver wirework, for K.

I received my heart and just love it. I wear it everyday, I missed having my boy with me all the time. Thank you so much!
KS, 6.5.14

Love, Love, Love the memorial bead that Chris made for me! It is BEAUTIFUL and I would recommend anyone looking for a way to memorialize their loved one, or just looking for a beautiful glass product to check out Chris’s work. You won’t be disappointed.
TS, 6.4.14

OMG, they are so beautiful! I love them!!
KN, 5.29.14

Christine, I want to tell you I got so many compliments on my beautiful R. beads in New York…I just love my beads. They are both so beautiful. The new one, with the fuchsia, is really a work of art. I am so very grateful to you for memorializing my sweet R. in them.
DG, 5.20.14

I just love your color coding. So it was easy to find P’s box with the red/purple ribbon. I ripped it open and immediately put it on. It’s just as I imagined it would look. I wanted to wear it as I performed. He always attended my many recitals and now I could feel he was with me again. Thanks so much for making this possible. When I’m not wearing his heart bead, I have it displayed. Near it I have AT’s. The colors turned out to be perfect for where I view it. Again amazing work, thank you. Her birthday is in June and I will probably wear it on Mother’s Day as well. I haven’t opened the beads yet except for the extra ones. So I still have them to look forward to. Thanks again for creating these beautiful pieces of jewelry for me. You have a special place in my heart now too.
KF, 5.1.14

Thank you for creating such an exquisite memorial piece for my sweet girl. I absolutely adore it!! Can’t thank you enough!
MS, 4.27.14

I LOVE IT!!! It’s perfect and beautiful. I love the sparkle and the size is great and the chain is perfect. Looks soft and pretty next to V’s pearl necklace that I wear. I am very happy. And you are amazing. I was raving about you to my group of girl friends tonight. We were talking how Etsy sellers can be hit and miss especially when you custom order. Girl, you’re a serious HIT and I will proudly share your name. I just wish all sellers had your view on customer service.
JP, 4.24.14

They are beautiful, I love them. Can’t wait to put them on and share them with the kids. Many thanks.
PM, 3.31.14

It is beautiful – we are happy with it. We like it.
GG, 3.30.14

The heart just came and totally made my day. It’s beautiful and exactly what I had envisioned. The spacer is perfect. Thank you for your loving note and for understanding what this meant to me. You are an amazing person and an incredibly talented artist and I feel so fortunate to have found you.
LC, 3.15.14

I have received my beads, thank you so much, they are both unique and beautiful. Thank you for taking care with my pets’ ashes and creating a beautiful memorial piece for each of them. I am very happy with the beads, and I will both recommend you and keep you in mind for the future. Thanks again!
KG, 2.28.14

I wish you could have seen the look on the boys’ faces when they opened their boxes with the beads. I was so moved (so were they). They collectively say THANK YOU – and here are their individual thoughts about their beads: E.: Beautiful. Brings back many funny memories of Daddy. D.: A-W-E-S-O-M-E (he told me exactly how to write that!) Very beautiful. I’m so glad I have it. Z.: It’s very nice. I’m glad I get to have Daddy’s ashes with me all the time. It’s a very cool way to hold ashes and it’s very unique. So dear friend, I extend to you my deep gratitude. You have really created something that will forever be treasured.
JD, 12.24.13

I just got the beads in the mail today. They are beautiful! Thank you so much for the care and attention you paid to my order. And your note was so kind – I can’t tell you how much it means to me. I know I will be wearing this necklace all the time. The way A’s ashes are swirled through the dark blue looks like the Milky Way. We’ve always loved the night sky here in Vermont where there is no light pollution, since A’s death, the stars speak to us in a different way. It is like having a piece of the universe around my neck with A’s spirit keeping me warm. Thank you.
JA, 12.21.13

Just wanted to show you some of what I did with the beads. The key chains and all the necklaces except for mine are done and off. My grandfather LOVES the beads. He is very, very excited to be giving them to all the girls for christmas.
JC, 12.14.13

The package arrived safely and the memorial heart hangs around my neck!! J’s sun catcher will be given to him for his December birthday along with a framed photo of J. Thank you so much!!
DL, 11.19.13

I wanted to let you know my sister called this morning because she received her package. She cried and was happy all at the same time! She absolutely loves D’s bead. Thank you so much for the opportunity to surprise her like this. My brother has been taking D’s passing really hard. They were very close. I know he is going to treasure his bead as well. THANK YOU again.
KM, 11.14.13

I think the beads are FANTASTICALLY wonderful. You have made a Miracle!
CK, 11.13.13

The beads are amazing. Hard to believe they look even better in person! Thank you for the little gift boxes, too. Can’t wait to give these to my siblings. THANK YOU! You have a special gift.
KM, 11.9.13

It is beautiful! I love it! Thank you for taking such good care of my girl. Thank you.
MC, 11.8.13

S’s bead made it home safely. Her warmth felt wonderful. Wearing the bead right now. I love it. I hope for a sunny day to fully appreciate her sparkle. Her ashes really swirled beautifully. Thanks again.
CS, 11.7.13

I ran outside to look at S’s bead. You’re right. Amazing with sunshine.
CS, 11.8.13

I am S-P-E-E-C-H-L-E-S-S…truly deeply speechless and moved beyond words. This has got to be the most beautiful gift we have ever received and the boys still don’t know a thing about it. Your words in the card moved my heart and filled me with emotion and joy…I was really touched by your sharing and absolutely elated about your experience with the ashes…your words offer immense comfort, you have no idea. The beads are priceless, perfect…and without any exaggeration, they TOTALLY LOOK LIKE D. It would have been the kind of bead he would have picked and bought at a store for himself…so it makes it all so much more sweet, special and meaningful. I cannot thank you enough dear one…I cannot WAIT to give the boys these amazing powerfully beautiful gifts…you have just made this holiday all the more perfect, thank you. I don’t how you can ever put a price on this kind of work you do…it can never be appreciated and given enough justice like what the heart feels. And my heart feels a whole lotta gratitude and love for your kindness and gift.
JD, 10.22.13

Wow….don’t know where to start! Christine did such an awesome job, starting with the initial communication & explanation of her process. No stone was left unturned and Chris sent progress reports & pictures as she worked on the project. This doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of her craft. The memorial hearts are so beautiful and were tailored to my wishes. Thanks so much! The memorial guests will be floored!
DK, 9.20.13

Thank you so much! They look GREAT! Can’t wait to give them to the kids!
RC, 9.16.13

They’re safe, sound and just beautiful. Thank you so much for all the compassion and passion you put into these and all the others that you do.
CM, 9.12.13

Exactly what I had hoped for. Christine was wonderful to work with and understood the importance and sentiment behind the bead.
LC, 8.22.13

I love it!! It feels really good. I can’t believe how lovely it is, amazing!!
CS, 8.15.13

I love my memorial bead. Chris uses her creativity and a bundle of patience in working to create the perfect memorial bead for each of her customers. The work of art beautifully displays her tremendous care in making sure each individual bead is completely loved and cherished by the owner.
LP, 8.12.13

Chris’s work is unique and offers a special gift to those who have lost a loved one. She is sensitive, caring and her talent is outstanding . Using her artistry to create a glass piece of jewelry for each person’s design. My glass piece means the world to me, keeping my beloved close.
CN, 8.12.13

The bead just came! It’s absolutely gorgeous. I love it. It’s so special as is your note. I love the cord too. The ashes sparkle just like my babies did. I think they’re happy. I know I am and will always treasure it and you for creating it. Thank you doesn’t cover it. I’m so grateful for your compassion and understanding how meaningful having a piece like this made was for me. Arrival time was perfect. It’s been a rough day and I’m emotionally and physically exhausted and receiving the bead brought some joy into my spirit. Thank you, Chris,and I too would love to stay in touch as long as you can handle the drama otherwise known as my life. BTW I can do well too for friends in need so don’t hesitate to unload on me! Thank you again for your beautiful work and for bringing my special friends together so they can stay close to me. With love and gratitude, L
LC, 7.15.13